Three reasons why we would apply for these positions:

Møller Bil

Chief Marketing Officer

Møller Bil Drotningsvik is seeking a Chief Marketing Officer for Volkswagen passenger cars and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

At Møller Bil Drotningsvik, we focus on two things: "people" and "business" – in that order. We prioritize our customers and employees first, firmly believing that this will lead to great business. We are now searching for our new Chief Marketing Officer for Volkswagen passenger cars and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.

Møller Bil Drotningsvik currently holds a strong position in the city, and we are experiencing increasing interest in Volkswagen, especially in light of the launches of the ID family. The level of activity is high, and so are our ambitions. High activity levels require us to work well and purposefully together as a team. As the Chief Marketing Officer, you will be responsible for ensuring that we perform well together and achieve the ambitious sales targets we have set. You will have primary responsibility for the new car departments of Volkswagen passenger cars and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, managing 8 employees, actively engaging in sales through participation in relevant business forums, and holding budget and performance responsibility for the department. And most importantly; contributing to ensuring that we have the most satisfied customers.

The position is in the management team and reports to the managing director.

The main tasks will include:

Being a driving force in developing and strengthening the sales department

Having the ability to bring out the best in others and motivate the team towards common goals. Contribute to maintaining our good work environment

Being a good sales coach and an active member of the management team

Planning and implementing sales activities in collaboration with the managing director and the marketing department at Møller Bil

Taking responsibility for the department's sales targets - which involve sales of cars, accessories, service and maintenance agreements, financing, and insurance

Identifying and following up on new customers and developing existing customer portfolios, as well as actively working with corporate customers

Reporting sales results and activities

We believe this is you:

Education in relevant fields, such as economics/sales/marketing

Experience from sales organizations with good results, a good dose of competitive instinct, and a good understanding of sales and customer relationships

Customer focus and understanding of the importance of customer satisfaction

You have an extensive network and have a high work capacity

Experience with result and managerial responsibilities from previous jobs

You are open and honest, clear, initiative, and considerate (our core values)

Proficient in the use of digital tools

Driver's license class B

Why work at Møller Bil?

It is important for us to retain and develop our talented people, and we are therefore proud to be on the list of Norway's Top 20 most attractive employers. We believe some of the reasons for this are an informal and social work environment characterized by innovation, commitment, and strong professional environments. We consider our employees a long-term investment, and as a large family-owned group, we are a secure and stable employer, while also offering good development opportunities and high internal mobility. At Møller Bil Drotningsvik, you become part of a very good team, we have a high tolerance for new initiatives and proactive thoughts, and we set high standards for ourselves. At the same time, we have a very good working environment, where we focus on taking care of all our employees. We offer competitive conditions, a company car in a car pool scheme, and good pension schemes, and can also boast of, among other things, full pay during parental leave.

Do you want to be part of a team that looks forward to going to work every day? Then this is the job for you!

Are you curious and want to hear more about the position? These are hectic times, so please send us an email (see contact information). We will call you back as soon as we can!

Relaxed Tone:

The relaxed tone in the text creates an atmosphere and expectation that both employees and customers can feel welcome and comfortable. It emphasizes Møller Bil Drotningsvik's commitment to an informal and social work environment, which is not just a workplace but also a place where one can thrive and develop.

"People" and "Business" Mindset:

The concept of prioritizing "people" before "business" at Møller Bil Drotningsvik is inspiring. It shows an awareness that success in the business is closely tied to the well-being and engagement of employees and customers. This mindset indicates not only a professional approach to the business but also an understanding that success comes through investing in people and relationships. This is a core value that we believe most people seeking their next career step greatly appreciate and can be crucial when weighing their future choices.

"Why Work at Møller Bil":

In the section where they talk about why one should work for them, it becomes clear that Møller Bil Drotningsvik values and invests in its employees. Being part of a family-owned group that values its employees and considers their well-being and development as a long-term investment provides a sense of security and stability. The fact that the company is listed among Norway's Top 20 most attractive employers emphasizes the belief that this is a workplace where one can expect an informal, social environment characterized by innovation and strong professional environments. It's evident that this is a place where one can not only fulfill their professional responsibilities but also develop themselves with support from a dedicated team.


We are looking for backend Java expertise.

..."soon some time off again"...

Are you thinking like that? Are you ready for a change in life? Do you have this feeling in your gut, or are you already surfing for fun?

Vacations and days off generally make people think - to take a little timeout from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And perhaps also stress? When the time comes to make a change in life, so often those thoughts of change begin right after time off, or just after small sandwiched holidays like the ones we have in May.

It may not be that long ago since Christmas break, Winter break or Easter break, but maybe THIS weekend might be the one where you decide to FINALLY start the process of applying for jobs?

And since you are reading this now, you have started the process.

We believe.


So you can say "phew... finally summer vacation - and FINALLY a new job after five weeks of charging up... before it’s a "blank slate and a new start" next time you approach vacation time?

Or what do you think?

What if we're right?

Do we hit you in the heart, head, and gut?

Do you understand what we mean? Have we made you a little curious about who we are at ITverket and what we do?

Do you think we are a nice consulting company you want to learn more about?

We are not a particularly special company that stands out much in the crowd actually.

But the people here are special.

We believe you notice that as soon as you walk through our door.

Then it's usually a feeling of laughter and joy, either behind the kitchen island or at the ping pong table. AND if you want to get a little intro on who two of us are, click a little further down in the ad for a lovely little video clip.

We are pretty sure you'll crack a smile soon...


We want a social and genuinely good person who also must have a bit of good technical craftsmanship/have a bit of a technical mind from your master's degree and have good experience from worklife already. You must be passionate about your profession, but you may also be passionate about hobbies in life. We want a bit of passion in what you do, from profession to hobby. From participation in the social environment to the professional environment. We call that quality.

We actually want quality.

Our customers want quality.

And we are pretty sure that you, reading this, also have a desire to deliver quality.

Therefore, we especially want:

you to have experience with one or more of these technologies or concepts the keywords here represent: Java, Kotlin, REST, Spring, Maven, Git, Docker, Jenkins, Rundeck, Puppet, and DevOps.

you are interested in development, programming languages, frameworks, and technology. Maybe you have also worked with domain-driven design?

you can show frequent and continuous deliveries in your project CV.

you have experience with methodologies like infrastructure as code, automated integration and deployment (CI/CD), microservices, test-driven development. (Then we will be even more pleased to get your CV and application in the inbox).

you have a minimum of 5 years of experience in consultancy work, preferably with good experience with some of the technologies mentioned above.

About the employer


ITverket is a consulting company located in Oslo and Drammen with 130 dedicated employees. We have a solid professional community in systems development, with a special interest in security and secure design.

"Secure by design" is our mantra, and a colleague of ours in Sweden has helped write the book of the same name, which is actually used in the curriculum at NTNU in that field.

Here we have a good mix of experienced consultants and newly graduated but certainly emerging talents. For all employees, we also have our very own further education program, which is an exciting new concept for us. Whether inexperienced or experienced, we want all consultants to develop both professionally and personally. We call it the Academy.

Last but not least, we also want our consultants to have a good balance in life between work and private life. So that next vacation, it is a vacation you are 100% satisfied with the state of affairs at work, at least.

Because things are connected.

Work and private life.

Read more about the workdays of Vanahn and Oscar!

Click here to read about Vanahn

Click here to read about Oscar


Twice a year, we go to our internal professional conference. Here you can get both small and large bits of knowledge with around 60 lectures. The main point is to have a good time together and learn from each other. We actually have almost "our very own Java zone" or NDC if you will.


Very good insurance and pension schemes.

Full pay during parental leave.

A variety of social activity offers.

Company cabin at Hafjell filled with joy and well-being every time we gather there.

As you understand, we want everyone to be happy at work - but also that you feel good at home. So therefore, we at ITverket have many offers for you who are seeking balance in life, and we mention some: climbing group, ski group, golf group, padel tennis group.

And hey, there are many more people who have teamed up to do something together in their spare time. The summit group, for example. If something is missing, just take the initiative - and voilà, we have a group for that too.

Do you think this sounds interesting?

That ITverket can be a good place to work?

Feel free to check us out! You can find us on the usual SoMe platforms: FB, Insta, and Linkedin.

Then you can contact us as soon as you can!

We recruit continuously and will actively search for skilled people who can become our new colleague.

Hope to hear from you!

"Soon some time off again":

The job advertisement from ITverket captures the reader's attention by beginning with a scenario that most can relate to. Vacations and days off are presented as moments for reflection and possible turning points in life. This is a quite unconventional way to write a job advertisement and a welcome breath of fresh air among all the checklists and generic benefits. It contributes to a more personal approach, making IT-verket's job posting engaging and relevant to a potential applicant. And importantly, this playful approach also says something about the company's humor and "personality." This makes it easier for a potential candidate to identify with the company's culture and values.

Creative Language:

ITverket stands out with creative and colorful language throughout the advertisement. From describing vacation periods as "timeout from everyday hustle and bustle" to using phrases like "phew... finally summer vacation," they create a vibrant and energetic tone. This makes the job advertisement stand out and leave a greater impression on potential candidates. When it comes down to it, would one rather work somewhere where everything is described in an impersonal and generic way, or at a company that dares to show humor and personality in a situation where one is expected to be quite serious? We know what we would choose!

Employee Interviews:

This provides insight into how people already working there experience their daily work life. This transparent approach gives a potential applicant a unique chance to understand the culture and dynamics of the organization. It also shows that IT-verket values its employees enough to let them share their experiences, creating trust and openness that are crucial for making an informed decision to apply for the position.

Politiets sikkerhetstjeneste (PST)

SUMMER INTERN for secret service


We are looking for up to five IT students for our "Summer Internship" in the summer of 2022. As a Summer Intern, you will have the opportunity to spend eight weeks inside our organization. Here, you will participate in a team-based internal development project, aimed at solving challenges related to PST's societal mission. At PST, we work interdisciplinary, solving many complex problems, and we are now looking for skilled technologists who are passionate about their field. The role of each individual will be tailored to skills and areas of interest, and you will be guided by our experienced employees.

Who are you?

We are looking for students at the bachelor's or master's level in technology fields. You love to understand how technology works and want to develop yourself in areas such as system development and DevOps. You enjoy acquiring new knowledge, understanding user needs, and are motivated by complex issues. At PST, we rarely solve problems alone, so we are looking for you, who are a good team player and who find it fun to share your expertise with others.

What can we offer you?

We may not be able to offer soft-serve ice cream machines and fancy coffee bars at work, but we believe you will search long before finding a more rewarding, interesting, and meaningful summer job! You will work hard, but we can promise you that you will look forward to getting up in the morning to go to work. Moreover, you will become part of the PST family and work closely with other employees in one of Norway's most unique professional environments. In addition, you will receive:

Real work experience

Project experience

Personal follow-up

Unique insight into PST's core areas

A taste of various work areas, for example, a professional day with the bodyguards with simple bodyguard tactics, close combat training, etc.

Drink bureaucratic coffee from PST mugs

Application and Process

Application letters, copies of diplomas, and CVs are sent electronically via Webcruiter.

Potential candidates will be invited to video interviews. Testing of professional knowledge and personal suitability must be expected. All employees at PST must undergo security clearance and be authorized at the highest level. Therefore, you must meet the requirements for this. To be able to undergo security clearance, candidates must be willing to provide personal information about themselves and their closest relatives. You are encouraged to exercise discretion when applying for a position at PST. More information about this will be provided during the hiring process.

The program runs from week 25 to week 32. It will be possible to take up to one week of vacation in week 29. We aim to conduct interviews in weeks 43 and 44.

Clear Picture of Who They're Seeking:

In PST's "Summer Internship" advertisement, it's very clear what type of candidates they're seeking. PST aims to develop a diverse team of skilled technologists who not only have strong technical skills but also the ability to collaborate and share knowledge. This gives potential applicants a clear understanding of who they are looking for, making the advertisement targeted and effective.

Simple and Readable Text:

The text in the "Summer Internship" advertisement at PST is simple and readable. It uses a direct and understandable language, making the information accessible to a wide range of readers. This emphasizes PST's desire to be accessible and inclusive. The simple text also provides a sense of clarity, which is important when seeking candidates who may be experiencing their first foray into the workforce and testing their new skills outside of studies.

Clear Explanation of the Interview Process:

PST is transparent about how the interview and hiring process will take place. They explain clearly that applicants will be invited to video interviews, and that testing of both technical knowledge and personal suitability will be conducted. Furthermore, they share important information about security clearance and authorization, providing applicants with insight into the specific requirements for the position. This openness is crucial, especially when it comes to positions related to security services. It gives applicants a clear understanding of what to expect throughout the hiring process, which is especially important when seeking candidates who are in education/new graduates. This is something more companies could have drawn inspiration from in our opinion. After all, who really likes showing up for an interview process without knowing what to expect, whether you're new to your career or have come a long way?

Written by Sunniva Syversen

Disclaimer: None of these positions are open for application, and are purely used as examples in this article

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3 reasons why we would apply for these positions:

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