Attract the right talent

It’s no secret that you reach your most qualified candidates on social media.
The secret sauce is in the details and the effectiveness of automation.Our customers reach their success by using one of three solutions.

Set it and forget it

This is the full scale recruiting strategy prize winner. Set it and forget it means that you’ll only have to focus on what you do best and let our technology do the rest.

Our Talent Automation system gets seamlessly integrated with your ATS and will unnoticeably publish perfectly put together job ads on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

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You keep working in your already set up processes, we do not disrupt your everyday routines. Our solution fits into your processes and helps you reach more candidates.


…Have 50+ vacancies next year

…Are in need of a customized, automated social media job and employer branding ads solution that meets your challenges

…Use an applicant tracking system (ATS).

…Have a recruitment strategy set in place or have started to build one

…Require a smooth and more cost effective process in attracting the right candidates.


Customized talent acquisition solution

Jobtip tech solution gets customized to fit your ATS and recruitment needs.

Ability to reach passive candidates

Reach the majority of people that are open to changing jobs, but not actively searching for it.

Saved time and raised efficiency

Automated systems and processes for HR & Communication.

Capacity to become data-driven

Measure ROI and make decisions based on data and insights.


-Indexing of talent pool.

-Insights on which social media channels generate applications.

-Overview of all your job ads.

-Recommendations based on data.

-Assigned Jobtip Social Recruiting Specialist.

-Discounts on supporting products.


  1. Just like always, you post jobs on your career page.
  2. Jobtip tech solution reads in data from the posted job.
  3. Sophisticated and relevant target groups are created based on data-analysis and algorithms.
  4. Beautiful ads then get generated based on pre-made templates and rules.
  5. Ads get published on selected social media channels.
  6. Automated emails are sent out including shareable links and reports.

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You got this​

If you are working with an ATS, Applicant Tracking System, you can choose our self service solution to get full control and manage your job ads. Meaning you use our easy-to-use tool to seamlessly create, budget and publish social media recruitment ads.

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…Need to recruit 10+ new team members next year.

…Are in need of a ready-to-use social media job ads solution.

…Most likely use an applicant tracking system (ATS) (not required).

…Require a smooth and cost effective process in attracting the right candidates.

Want a platform where you can manage your job ads and become data driven to make better decisions moving forward.


Boosted efficiency

Quickly plan, create templates and publish job ads on social media. Allows for an effective and smooth proactive recruitment.

Ability to reach passive candidates

Reach the majority of people that are open to changing jobs, but not actively searching for it.

Campaign performance insights

Delivering insights that allows you to work data-driven with your recruitment marketing.

More bang for your buck

Bigger part of the ad budget goes towards targeting, which gives you more views and clicks.


  1. Log into the Jobtip platform and choose which vacancy you want to expose on social media.
  2. Decide on which template you want to use for this specific job ad.
  3. Choose which target audience you want to reach and on which social media platforms.
  4. Beautiful ads will then be generated and the option to edit each ad is possible.
  5. Press “publish” and the ad(s) will go live on social media within seconds!

We got you

You can choose to let us do the job for you, meaning our creative digital marketing team will help you:

  • Create attractive ads with your images and copy
  • Target your ads towards the right audience
  • Put the creatives together and publish your job ads
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…Need to recruit a few new team members yearly.

…Want to reach the qualitative candidates you’ve been looking for.

…Are in need of a personal, 360 degree service for your social media job ads.


Ability to reach passive candidates

Reach the majority of people that are open to changing jobs, but not actively searching for it.

Customized landing pages

Convert more applicants by letting us help you set up mobile friendly application landing pages made custom for you.

More bang for your buck

Bigger part of the ad budget goes towards targeting, which gives you more views and clicks.

Attractive job ads

Option to have our skilled copywriters and graphic designers create attractive job descriptions.


  1. You send over your company logo, images and job description to our marketing team.
  2. Within 48 hours, we send you beautifully designed job ads (and landing page) for you to approve.
  3. Once approved, our skilled marketers will target your ads towards your target audience on your chosen social media platforms.
  4. We create several ad sets which will be A/B tested in order to know which ads are best performing.
  5. Once your campaign is coming to an end, our team will send you a report of all relevant marketing metrics.

Reach the right people

Did you know that a whooping 80% of all passive talents out there are open to applying for new exciting career opportunities when presented to them?

With Jobtip targeted job ads, you are able to work proactively and catch the attention of that large pool of qualified candidates.

Lower cost-per-hire

We believe your recruiters’ time is valuable. While they’re experts in choosing the right candidates, we’re experts in finding them.

By streamlining your recruitment activities to social media and adding automation to your recruitment day-to-day work, you’ll experience a noticeable reduction of cost-per-hire

Automate routine work

Let Jobtip be part of your recruitment ecosystem. With our automation technology, you’ll be able to automatically publish social media ads targeting relevant candidates –with the touch of a button.

This will magically allow more time to manage, interview, and evaluate candidates. Win-win!

Become data-driven

Measure and analyze the success of your recruitment ads in our automation platform. You will be able to take out actionable data that lets you evaluate and increase efficiency.

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