Information about how Jobtip AB processes personal data when you use Jobtip services. Jobtip develops software that allows candidates to apply for vacancies with employers. For you as a candidate, this means that Jobtip is not ultimately responsible for your personal data. Because of this, Jobtip acts as a data processor for the customer who wishes to use Jobtip’s services. The final customer is the one who ultimately stands as data controller.

To find out how your information will be handled, please refer you to the company you choose to apply to. Jobtip will, however, handle your tasks while the recruitment process is ongoing.

Data processor

A data processor is the party that assists another activity in processing your personal data. Jobtip is a data processor for the employer you choose to apply to. Due to jobtip developing software for recruitment, Jobtip must process your personal data and then deliver them to the customer.

Personal data manager

A data controller is the company that will ultimately process your personal data. There is an agreement between this company and Jobtip, to assure both parties that your personal data is handled correctly according to the laws and regulations available for the handling of personal data and sensitive information.

Important to keep in mind is that the controller may have a different policy on how to handle your personal data. This means that Jobtip only follows what this document proves.

What information Jobtip stores

In order for you to apply to the company you want, Jobtip may need to store information about your work experience, training, CV and cover letter.

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Links to social media (For example, Linkedin)
  • Personal data (if you have stated it in your CV)

How long your data is stored

Jobtip has made an estimate of how long a recruitment can take. This time is six months. Therefore, Jobtip chooses to store your personal data for six months by default, after this time your data will be deleted automatically. In some cases, Jobtip also sends an email with your contact information to the recruitment manager to show the person that you have applied for. All emails with your contact details are automatically removed after 90 days.

As a candidate, you also have the right to change and delete your information on request. Even the customer has the right to delete your information.

What are your rights over your personal data

You have the right to your information. After you fill in your information, you will receive an email describing how to proceed if you would like to change your information or break the consent that Jobtip processes your personal data.

  • Access your personal data
  • Get incorrect personal data corrected
  • Get your personal data deleted
  • Object to the use of personal data for automated decision-making and profiling
  • Move personal data (data portability)

Good to know is that Jobtip is not responsible for how the final customer handles your personal data. If you would like to contact the customer directly, Jobtip has no right to provide you with contact information. If you wish to contact the company responsible for your contact information, we recommend you to seek out the company. You can also check the ad text if there are contact information for responsible recruiters.

What will happen to your information after you have left them?

Once Jobtip has received your application, your information will be stored in our system. In some cases, an email will be sent away with your information to the customer to remind you that you have applied. After the application period expires, a summary email is also sent out with your name and contact details.

Jobtips system has a searchable register where Jobtip can easily seek out contact information. Only the person responsible for the relationship with the customer you have chosen to apply to and employees at Jobtip with a special technical permission can see your information. All data stored is encrypted to increase security. All information is protected behind a username and password. All data is stored within the EU.