Recruitment marketing is a process of attracting and hiring the best talent for your company. The hiring process, from recruitment marketing to hiring the best person for the job, can be a difficult task. But with the right tools and strategies in place, it can be a lot easier to reach out to the right job seekers.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some recent recruitment marketing statistics that will help you understand just how important recruitment marketing is in your quest for talent acquisition.

Here are some of the latest recruitment marketing statistics:

– 84% of Job Seekers Use Mobile Devices to Search for Jobs, The Muse

-92% of employers use recruitment marketing in social media to reach talent, according to Recruitment Marketing Report

– Recruitment marketing spend is up 30% from last year, Forbes

– 59% of employers say that recruitment marketing has a high impact on their ability to hire, Recruitment Marketing Report

-86% of job seekers say they use social media for their job search, source: Recruitment Marketing Report

– Recruitment marketing efforts lead to a 45% reduction in cost per hire, Forbes

-71% of employers who use social recruiting say it helped them screen applicants

-80% of employers believe social recruiting has been helpful in finding passive job seekers

-70% say that they have hired applicants from social media

-55% of job seekers use career sites

-39% of job seekers use job boards

– The Average Job Seeker Spends 13 Hours and 40 Minutes Searching for a Job, Recruiterbox

– 51% of Companies Use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Workable

– The Average Time to Fill a Position Has Increased from 42 Days in 2010 to 52 Days in 2018, SHRM

– The Cost-Per-Hire Has Also Increased Over the Years, from $1700 in 2010 to $4000 in 2018, Recruiterbox

– 92% of Employers Say that Candidate Experience is Important When Making Hiring Decisions, The Muse

– The Most Important Thing to Job Seekers is Finding a Company with Values that Match Their Own, Indeed

– The Second Most Important Thing to Job Seekers is Finding a Company with a Good Reputation, Indeed

– The Third Most Important Thing to Job Seekers is Finding a Company that is Growing, Indeed

– The Fourth Most Important Thing to Job Seekers is Finding a Company with Good Benefits, Indeed

– 86% of Job Seekers Say That Company Culture is Important When Deciding Whether or Not to Accept a Job Offer, Glassdoor

– The Five Most Important Factors in a Positive Candidate Experience are Clear Communication, Timely Feedback, Respect/Courtesy, Opportunities for Advancement, and Competitive Compensation, Recruiterbox

– 65% of Job Seekers Would Not Apply to a Company Again if they Had a Negative Candidate Experience, Recruiterbox

– Studies show that nearly half of all job seekers (45%) would accept a lower salary in exchange for better benefits. The most popular employee benefits are health insurance (94%), followed by retirement/pension plans (80%), and flexible work hours (77%)., SHRM

– The most popular methods for finding a new job are online job boards (61%), followed by company websites (55%), and recruitment agencies (41%)., Recruiterbox

– 83% of employers say that referrals are their top source of quality hires., The Muse

– 78% of employers say that employee referrals are the best source of quality candidates., Jobvite

– Studies have shown that referred candidates are hired 55% faster than those who come from other sources, and they have a 16% lower turnover rate than other employees., Jobvite

– Employees who are referred by a friend or colleague are also more likely to be a better fit for the job and stay with the company longer., Recruiterbox

– When it comes to making hiring decisions, the most important factor for employers is previous work experience (85%), followed by skills and abilities (72%), and cultural fit (67%)., Recruiterbox

– A study by the Recruitment Process Outsourcing Association (RPOA) found that referred candidates are 20% less likely to leave a job within the first year.

– According to a study by CareerBuilder, nearly 60% of employers are willing to pay a referral bonus.

– The most popular methods for finding referrals are employee Referral Programs (48%), followed by LinkedIn (35%), and Facebook (34%).

– A study by Jobvite found that 72% of employers use social media in their recruitment efforts.

– The most popular social media platforms for recruitment are LinkedIn (94%), Facebook (79%), and Twitter (66%).

These statistics show that recruitment marketing is a vital tool for any business looking to hire quality candidates. Referral programs, social media, and applicant tracking systems are just a few of the many ways that businesses can use recruitment marketing to find the best candidates for their open positions.

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