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Have you ever experienced challenging recruitments? No matter how many times you post the vacancies, the ideal candidates don’t apply for them? If so, you are not alone. Fjellsport is a customer who experienced difficulties recruiting skilled talent. Read more about how we helped them find the right candidates.

The challenge

Do you know of Fjellsport’s skilled IT department? The leading developers in Norway didn’t, and it was exactly these people Fjellsport wanted to reach last summer, as they were looking to grow their team. So, how do you recruit UX-designers, front-end- and back-end developers to a company associated with hiking and outdoor equipment?

The solution

In the beginning, Fjellsport used a traditional recruitment firm for their vacant roles, however they generated few results. The problem was not the firm, but rather that there was no interest or engagement among developers. They didn’t think of Fjellsport as a potential employer. In addition, most of them were already working elsewhere. Therefore, we needed to think differently about their challenging recruitments.

Our strategy was to make Fjellsport more visible as an employer, so that the right candidates would be able to discover Fjellsport’s IT department. This was solved by doing an employer branding campaign. Rather than focusing on requirements and experience, we created ads showcasing a typical workday at Fjellsport and all the benefits they offer their employees.

The results

This turned out to be a success! Fjellsport received quality applicants for all of their vacant IT roles. “We ended up employing two developers and one UX Designer. Two of them have already started working with us, while the third person starts 1st of December. This shows that with the right strategy and focus you can reach the right candidates, even for roles requiring special skills”, says Fjellsport.

To have a thought through proactive recruitment strategy when executing challenging recruitments is essential. Fjellsport managed to create interests for the candidates, while also building a stronger employer brand which will help them in future recruitments.

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