117 successful talent acquisition campaigns with the touch of a button.

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Recruiting talented people for certain positions can be time consuming and costly. Many companies advertise open positions on job boards with the help of external media agencies, but without any luck. One of these companies was Arla.

They came to us when they had several categories of positions they needed to fill. Continue reading to find out how we were able to help Arla both lower their cost-per-hire and find the right candidates.

Having had a hard time finding the right match in four job categories and being dependent on expensive external resources, Arla searched for new tools and ways to recruit the talent they had been looking for.


Based on Arla’s high number of vacancies, they chose to automate their social media job ad workflow. Jobtip’s Talent Automation Platform was seamlessly integrated to Arla’s ATS-system together with a pre-approved library of copy and imagery. The implementation successfully replaced their current use of media agencies, lowered their cost-per-hire and increased efficiency. Set it and forget it.



By implementing our Talent Automation platform, Arla was able to launch 117 successful talent acquisition campaigns with the touch of a button.


The targeted ads reached an impression rate of nearly 400,000 and as many as 3,000 relevant candidates visited Arla’s career page.


Four different job category ads were published in alignment with Arla’s brand identity thanks to pre-approved marketing material.

"The Jobtip Talent Automation platform successfully helped lowered our cost-per-hire and increased efficiency. We also happily filled positions that had previously been hard to fill."

Ola Arvidsson

Executive Vice President, HR


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