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Get your job posting distributed to where your perfect candidate browse, scrolls & reads.

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Automate the mundane, focus on the human.

One system unleashes powerful social media ads, targeting the candidates you need. More time for interviews, less time on routine tasks.

Tailor the solution to include everything you need, and nothing you don't.
No commitments, no lock-ins. Pay as you go, there when you need it.
Automate as much of your recruitment marketing as you want to, you decide.
Reach the right candidate

Work proactively and catch the attention of the large pool of qualified, passive candidates.

Build your brand

Show potential candidates and customers your best side while filling up your talent pipeline.


From cookieless to full attribution insight, we cover every GDPR compliance level you might be after.

Security is in our DNA

Jobtip is chosen & used by organizations that employ military-grade vetting & security protocols.

Recruitment Marketing Automation

The benefits of automating your recruitment marketing

I can focus on my main tasks.

Previously, the HR & Talent Attraction department came to me when they needed to advertise the vacancy they just posted.

Of course, I was eager to help. But it took time (and lots of it) away from my main tasks of driving high-quality leads and building our customer-facing brand.

Now, I just join in on the partnership meeting every once in a while and make sure that we are aligned and get the most synergies out of our recruitment marketing spend.

I can focus on the recruitment process.

A few minutes after I've posted a new vacancy in our ATS I get an e-mail from Jobtip which takes me to the editor.

I make sure that everything looks good, maybe tweak the channel-mix a bit or add a piece of information that I believe is important.

After that I click publish, and can go back to my daily workflow, knowing that passive candidates will start seeing my vacancy in a few hours.

The best part? It takes me less than a minute.

I get higher efficiency in the organization

If I can find a route to maintain the quality of a key component of our growth - which I believe finding the best talent possible is - while also saving hundreds of hours for my team and key-members of that process, I will take it.

An added bonus is better cost control, reliable forecasting and a shorter time-to-hire.

Advertise your jobs automatically

Get your vacancies published & advertised on platforms like these automatically.
Save hours per every open vacancy.

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